A great big thank you to everyone who made this performance possible, especially our organist William Campbell, assistant organist at Dunfermline Abbey, our guest conductor, Jill Goode from Maidenhead, and Myra Tarr, whose idea it was, and who patiently endured hours of ‘note-bashing’ at the early rehearsals.

Thank you too to Sue Masson, who wielded the baton at the first rehearsal with organ, to Rev Tim Bennison and Deacon Sarah McDowall, who welcomed the congregation and led us in prayer both before and after the performance, and to Lesley Yellowlees and Erica Lock who provided seasonal refreshments afterwards.

We are really grateful to the many friends from other churches and choirs who augmented the St Margaret’s choir for this occasion. It was very heartening to hear the week–by–week improvement, and to realise at the end of the final Monday rehearsal that, in theatrical parlance, “we had a show”. And, thanks to the many who had circulated the fliers and posters, we also had an audience!


Julie Denning

Catherine Donaldson

Dorissia Forsyth

Gwyneth Kirby

Valerie Leslie

Susi Lunn

Sue Masson

Yvonne McRoberts

Audrey Ogilvie

Margaret Reddie

Sandra Young

Margaret Haynes

Mary Kidd

Merilyn Laing

Sue Polson

Myra Tarr

Isobel Vernolini

Helen Welsh


Ben Clarke

Robert Goode

Andrew Polson

Roy Soulsby

Marc Tempelhoff

Tim Bennison

John Headden

Jim Murdoch

Martin Tarr

On the recording made of the service (available at this link), as well as the main soloists, Andrew Polson (tenor) and Martin Tarr (bass), you will hear the voices of:

John Headden (High Priest)

Tim Bennison (First Malefactor)

Jim Murdoch (Second Malefactor)

A great effort from our bass department!

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