A recording was made at our Good Friday meditation on 6 April 2012, and these .mp3 files of the music were converted from the CD produced primarily for participants as a momento of the occasion.

The microphones were of high quality (grateful thanks to Northern Light for lending them), but the only possible position for them was on the stage at the rear of the church. Also the acoustics were very different from the rehearsal because of the very full church, and the recording equipment had to be set to run unattended, so don’t expect stunning sound. Note that the editing has been minimal, with no opportunities for re-takes, so any mistakes or duff notes are still there!

01 Recitative: And they came to a place named Gethsemane

02 The Agony: Could ye not watch with me
     Recitative: And they laid their hands on Him

03 Processional to Calvary

04 Recitative: And when they were come

05 Hymn: The Mystery of the Divine Humiliation

06 Recitative: He made Himself of no reputation

07 The Majesty of the Divine Humiliation

08 Recitative: And as Moses lifted up the serpent

09 Chorus: God so loved the world

10 Hymn: Litany of the Passion

11 Recitative: Jesus said, “Father, forgive them”

12 Duet: So Thou liftest Thy divine petition

13 Hymn: The Mystery of the Intercession

14 Recitative: And one of the malefactors

15 Hymn: The Adoration of the Crucified

16 Recitative: When Jesus therefore saw His mother

17 Recitative: Is it nothing to you?

18 Chorus: The Appeal of the Crucified

19 Recitative: After this, Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished

20 Hymn: For the love of Jesus

These files can be played from the site: on most set-ups, your browser will open up a new tab with an instance of Windows Media Player (or whatever is your default application for playing audio files).

It’s probably best however to download the files by right-clicking and choosing Save Target As. But be aware that the files are large (from 0.62M for Jesus said, Father forgive to 8.48M for the Processional to Calvary), so don’t try this unless you have a broad-band connection.

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