The Learning Network  are excited to bring you news about Bible Month for this year, which focuses on the Gospel of Mark. You can pre-order a printed copy of the new edition of Bible Month – 30 days with the Gospel of Mark – at this link, and the material will also be available for download soon.

This year Bible Month is being done differently – not just focusing on one event in the year, but offering a variety of different ways of engaging with the Gospel of Mark throughout the year. You will be able to join Rev Adrian Roux on a study guide of the Gospel, pray Taketime meditations, join Pioneers sharing stories around a (virtual!) campfire, be in conversation about how children and young people can engage with the Gospel, or listen to and join in some academic teaching, recorded conversations on modelling group bible studies and different hermeneutical readings of the key passages. And lots more – all throughout the year!  Sign up to the Methodist Bible Month Facebook page and join in the journey!

One of the resources available will be a monthly facilitated Taketime-together meditation on the last Friday of the month from January-June and September-November, with weekly links to meditations that you can use at home to walk through Mark’s gospel. Some of you will be very familiar with Taketime, but those who haven’t yet benefited from what it can offer will find an introductory video from Rev Clive McKie at this link.

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  • 21 April 2024 9:30 am Sung Eucharist
  • 21 April 2024 11:00 am Morning Worship

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