The Garden Tomb in Jerusalem

“He is not here; he has risen!” (Luke 24:6) were the words spoken to the followers of Jesus on that first Easter morning. They had come to the tomb to finish the task of burying their friend. They had come to mourn. They thought that they would have to go to where his lifeless body lay if they wanted to see their Lord again. And yet their mourning turned to joy. They went looking for him in a cemetery, but they heard good news about expanding their search!

So, where do we look for Jesus? Because of the empty tomb, we Christians aren’t afraid of cemeteries, and we often find comfort in repeating the words of Jesus at the graveside. Jesus is the Lord of our lives, and of all parts of our lives, but we don’t have to limit our search to a cemetery to encounter him.

We can find Jesus as we share the joy in a celebration of life; a wedding, a baptism, a birthday, a graduation. Jesus loved the joyful times of life.

We can find Jesus in the times of quiet solitude. As we are still and know that God is God in the mountains, by the sea-side, or in the garden at sunrise or sunset, we can remember that Jesus often craved the lonely place for prayer and reflection.

We can find Jesus wherever life leads us. That’s what it means to serve a living Lord. “He is not here (at the tomb where his enemies tried to send him). He is risen.” And our lives are to be lived with Him.

“Thank you God for showing us that in the risen Christ, life is full of promise. Help us to live each day hoping to encounter Jesus, our living Lord. Amen.”

Adapted from an Easter reflection by Steve Negley.

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