“Perhaps you are like many others who are feeling an excited optimism after the raised glasses of last night and the hugs at the stroke of midnight. This morning we are poised at the beginning of a new adventure, so let’s celebrate with William Walton’s What cheer? …”

What cheer?
Good cheer!
Be merry and glad this good New Year!

“Lift up your hearts and be glad
In Christ’s birth”, the angels bade,
Say each to other, if any be sad:
“What cheer?”

Now the King of heav’n his birth hath take,
Joy and mirth we ought to make;
Say each to other, for his sake,
“What cheer?”

I tell you all with heart so free:
Right welcome, welcome ye be to me;
Be glad and merry, for charity!

What cheer?
Good cheer!
Be merry and glad this good New Year!

This is how Frances Finn started the first Radio 4 Daily Service for 2018. Her thoughts continued: “On this New Year’s Day, isn’t it heartening to know that we have a God who is very much the God of new beginnings. With Him, our mistakes are forgotten as quickly as Christmas is over. It’s almost as if He edits them out of our Review of the Year, and we truly can begin afresh.”

And we share her prayer:

Lord, thank you for this new year. Thank you for the anticipation that comes with looking at the very first page of our calendar. A new start. A fresh beginning. We know that you are already writing on the pages of the days ahead, and we say “Your will be done”.

Lord Jesus, you are the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. Thank you that you hold each day in the palm of your hands. Lord help us to trust you with our tomorrows and to truly live for today.

We are sorry when we have dwelled in the past, and perhaps held onto hurts or grudges. As this new year begins, help us to let go of our grievances. Show us where the past is holding us in its grip, so we may move forward with a clean heart.

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