At the St Margaret’s Eucharist on 18 July, the readings came from a lectionary widely read throughout the world, and Rev Dr Michael Paterson expounded on the point that all three readings have fundamentally one message, that God cares!

He commented most powerfully – “In migrant camps around the world, in churches in flood-stricken towns, and in every place where there is conflict and persecution these very same readings we have heard will be read today. ‘God cares’ – the preacher will say – but will the people know it? Will they trust it? Will they believe it?

“Friends, God cares! God cares about the migrants. God cares about the flood victims. And God cares about whatever you and I are having to face in our own lives right now, whether it’s chronic pain, troubles in our relationships, depression, loneliness, addiction. God cares. But do we know it? Do we believe it?

“Today, at this altar, God shows us he cares. He breaks bread for us and offers to feed us. Today in our worship God pours out his Spirit upon us and offers to heal us. The question is: Do we trust it? Do we believe it?”

And he finished with the prayer: “May God have mercy on us this week. May he give us the faith to believe he cares. And may he give us the courage to reach out to others to let them know ‘God cares!’” Amen!

Do read the whole of Michael’s sermon at this link.

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