Greetings to you all.

This week’s pastoral letter can be viewed or downloaded at this link. I hope and pray that you are adjusting and coping as well as keeping in contact with one another.

On the news this morning was the sad news that more people are infected and more people are dying. We heard too that Tennessee, where Jonathan, our older son, and family live, has the third highest number of infections in USA. Bahamas too is being hit hard as following hurricane Dorian, they were hoping for a profitable tourist season – this, alas, has now dissipated and it is going to be tough road to economic recovery.

We continue to pray for one another in the steadfast love of God.

Take care and stay safe, God bless, Eddie

Eddie’s letter makes mention of a reflection on Mark 11:1–11 by our local preacher, David Rogerson, which you can read at this link. David’s reflection (with an option to watch David presenting the reflection via pre-recorded video) will also form part of the Circuit’s weekly worship service – available now on the Church Resources section of the Circuit website.

The Circuit website will also shortly include reflections for each day of Holy Week.

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