This morning’s Gospel reading on the Resurrection of Jesus, as found in Matthew 28.1–10, tells the story of the women who went early to the tomb and were the first to discover the marvellous truth that the one they loved and thought they had lost for ever had been raised from the dead, and was going before them to Galilee.

As well as reading the passage, you can listen at this link to the service that includes Eddie Sykes’ reflection, or join in Kenny Rathband’s virtual congregation via this page.  And you can read this reflection about the message from the angel, from which we have taken this post’s title, from our friend Liz Crumlish.

Do not be afraid!
In the midst of pandemic
when all we know is upended
when all we love is at risk
How can we not be afraid?
You, O Lord,
whose every landmark moment
of life
and death
was accompanied by these words
Do not be afraid
Whispered by the angel
who visited Mary the mother of God
to announce your coming
Do not be afraid
Sung by a heavenly choir
to shepherds 
Do not be afraid
shouted over the wind and waves
to disciples on a stormy sea
Do not be afraid
spoken to Peter, James and John
on a mountaintop
Do not be afraid
Pronounced to women at the tomb
To disciples in a locked room
To fishermen on the beach
To those who witnessed the Ascension
Do not be afraid
You proclaim these words
Risen Christ
as a portent
to your merging heaven with earth
May we always see in these words
your presence
giving strength
your power
making a difference
your love
changing us
until we see the whole world
in the light of a loving creator
who knows us
who loves us
and who holds us fast
in risen power.
Do not be afraid

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