An idea for a Lenten discipline

Last year one of the resources I used was from Embrace the Middle East, and part of it was that you put 5p in a tub each time you had a drink, remembering those who don’t have clean water.

I’m thinking that, given the focus this year on washing our hands, a way to remember those who don’t have proper washing facilities even in the midst of Covid, could be putting 5p or 10p into a Lent Box each time we wash our hands.

It would be a way to both appreciate how fortunate we are, but also collect some money to give to a charity at the end of Lent.

If you’re not using money much just now – many payments are ‘hands free’ with your card or ‘online’ – then you could have a sheet where you keep a tally, then count up and make the payment to your charity at the end of Lent.

Jan Benvie

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