As we draw towards the beginning of the new Methodist year, we find ourselves facing many challenges – be it at global, national, local or personal levels. Covid may not be as potent, but it is still very present. The cost of living is higher than we have known. We all lament that wars are still being fought as many are experiencing the destruction of their communities. The heat of the summer (in some parts of the UK!) has caused us to realise the potency of global warming.

In our Circuit and churches, we are experiencing reality checks about what we can do following the two years of restriction and living differently.  As congregations we seek guidance about the call that God continues to have on our lives in these new circumstances.

Often in such circumstances we would talk about ‘rebuilding’ or ‘building back’. Are these the right phrases?

Maybe we should be seeing how we can, by the grace of God, ‘build forward’ with all that we have learned over this last while. I believe such thinking begins with dreaming; gaining a vision from God – and not simply trying to remember how we did things before. Yes, do the necessary organisational things properly – but then let God steer us in the directions we need to be guided in.

You can read the rest of Eddie’s pastoral letter at this link.

You’ll have read earlier on our noticeboard that everyone in Scotland with any connection to Methodism is invited to attend ‘Gathering to Scatter’ – the Scottish Methodist Gathering which will take place in Perth from Friday 9 to Sunday 11 September.  You can download a flier with information about the programme at this link

Those who remember the days of Zoom Bible studies will be relieved that the next series is likely to be in person. Coming soon will be four studies on Isaiah, based on the Bible Month material.

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