Away with gloom, away with doubt!
With all the morning stars we sing.

Edward Sillitoe’s hymn may not be part of the Christmas repertoire, but it was how we all felt after our carol service on Sunday. Health concerns and disruption to travel plans meant some couldn’t join us, but still there were 40 in the church to celebrate Emmanuel’s coming.

As always, the members of our local ecumenical partnership rose to the occasion, and offered enthusiastic and thoughtful worship in our traditional Advent 4 way. Yes, we missed the processing, and the tea/coffee and mince pies afterwards, but we had all the other elements of organ, choir, readings and congregational singing. Not only did we keep the tradition alive, but we were able to welcome old friends and strangers, which is what Christmas is all about.

Our fairly traditional pattern of readings and music (pew sheet at this link) included three poems that we commend to everyone: Do not be afraid (Liz Crumlish), Kenosis (Luci Shaw) and The sceptical shepherd (Godfrey Rust).

In all twenty musicians and readers from both congregations were involved: grateful thanks to all the willing and enthusiastic volunteers, to our ministers, whose garb showed a commitment to the spirit of Christmas, and to Mario Cassini for providing the photos.

Thank you too to those who gave towards the work of the Children’s Hospice Association Scotland and Action for Children. The total given to date is £267.60, but it will be more than that, as some folk always take envelopes and give later.

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